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Gassing shelter. The two words no dog ever wants to hear. Especially a dog about to deliver a belly full of puppies!
1/16  5:36 am... we get the text. Can you take her? She has a belly full of pups. She can deliver at any time (it's obvious in the photo, huh?)
1/16  7:00... Post goes out... Can anyone foster a pregnant mom?
1/16  8:00.... Amy, we can foster her. (yay)
(a bunch of stuff in between regarding health certificates, transport, blah blah)
1/16  11:51... shelter supervisor says the dog 'needs out now'. Working on getting a driver to take her right to the vet and drive straight to Buffalo.
1/16  12:15... Found a volunteer to drive all the way to Buffalo, today. Her vet appointment is at 2:00.
1/16  1:22.... Chipin posted to raise money for transport and hotel. Hotel reservations being made. Volunteers coordinating supplies and meeting location. (we raised $390!)
1/16  1:45.... Trinity leaves the shelter!!!! (gasp!)

Trinity leaves the shelter

1/16  2:35.... Trinity at the vet's! (he said she looks like she has been to hell and back, but very sweet and was licking everyone's hands)

Trinity at the vets

trinity is in terrible shape

1/16  3:36...Trinity is heartworm positive :( , we will get her into our vet the moment she arrives. Vet appointment made at All Creatures for 12:00. Hotel reservation made for drivers. Credit card called in. Supplies being organized for foster mom, Amy.

1/16  4:00... (and we have raised $620)
1/16  6:45.... (and we have met our chipin goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated)
1/17  3:00 a.m..... Trinity is in labor, and has her first puppy... while on the road!
1/17  5:00 a.m.... Trinity arrives to Amy's, followed by puppy #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. As you can see, Trinity is in rough shape. She will need a lot of TLC. Please donate so we can help her.

trinity demodex

1/17  12:00 noon... Trinity and family treck to All Creatures for their second vet visit. Trinity is confirmed heartworm positive, but she doesn't have mange. She has a severe flea allergy instead which is causing the fur loss. The babies- all healthy!
1/17  6:00... names are picked out. Tank, Teddy, Thunder, Tilly, Trooper and Tootsie.
1/17  8:00 pm... Amy posts that the runt of the litter, Tootsie, doesn't seem to be nursing on mom. She runs out to purchase formula.
1/18  7:00 a.m... Amy contacts us because Tootsie didn't eat well overnight and she is concerned. She has to get her children on the bus so Francine picks up Tootsie and takes her to the Orchard Park Emergency Room.
1/18  8:00....They were able to give her a feeding tube. Her temperature dropped again. They turned up the heat in her incubator. Tootsie is moving around a lot. Come on baby you can make it!!
1/18  9:00.... Tootsie update: they helped her urinate, she had a bowel movement, she is fed and comfy. Her temperature is 92.2. Francine is there to keep her company.

1/18  12:00 noon....  Tootsie update: her temperature is a steady 100 now! They are feeding her. Francine is still there with her... 1/18  3:00... Progress!

1/18  8:00 pm.... Tootsie is spending the night just to be safe. We are hoping to take her home tomorrow ♥ She will need to be tube fed then bottle fed when strong enough, and eventually rejoin mom Trinity and the other pups

tootsie 2





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