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Sebring's Angels.


Sebring found himself as a stray... he probably broke free from the chains that bound him one day and the dog warden picked him up. There he sat in the holding facility, all beaten up and battered, his body looked years older than it actually was, his ribs protruding from its sides, his dull eyes barely glancing up as prospective adopters whisked past his kennel. He had given up all hope.

Then an Angel appeared.

Her name was Cheryl.

She saw Sebring, not as the dirty, old dog that others had seen him as, but as a life that had dignity and purpose. She saw through the dusty fur and the dull eyes and she asked to have his kennel opened. The warden probably thought she was crazy- why on earth would she care about a dog like Sebring? He just hid in the corner, trying to make himself as tiny as possible to hide from the cruel world. He was probably hoping his 'deadline' would come sooner, rather than later.

Cheryl had tears in her eyes. She hugged his frail body ever so gently and whispered promises to him. She took out her cell phone and snapped photos of the gentle dog that had given up hope. She sent them to the only person she knew who could help- Black Dog, Second Chance.

We called her immediately. "How can we help?" we said.

"Nobody wants him and he'll die soon" I heard her cry. I could hear the desperation in her voice. I had been there many times before. But this time, the desperation was much deeper as Cheryl was in a predicament. She wanted to save this dog, and he was in Florida. She was on vacation and we are in Buffalo. What made things worse- is that she couldn't foster him herself because soon after coming back from Florida, she was leaving for California! I would post a need for a foster for him and we would work out the details- but first thing's first.

After a long conversation about what we needed to do to get him vetted, Cheryl hung up the phone and got right to work. Off to the vet Sebring went.

And then another road block.

Sebring was tested positive for heartworms.


Damn those heartworms!!


So not only do we need a foster home for Sebring, but now we need a special foster home for Sebring who can keep him quiet during his long treatment. Cheryl and I both cried on the phone together as we discussed our options, but the conclusion was that there was really only one, and we had to find a way.




And then another Angel appeared in Sebring's life.

Her name was Janet.


Janet got word of Sebring's plight via our facebook page, and stepped up and agreed to foster Sebring! The wheels were put in motion. Applicaitons were filled out, home visits were conducted, vets were called, and Sebring made his journey up to Buffalo with Cheryl.

One Angel hugged another Angel as Sebring's leash was passed.


Sebring underwent EXTENSIVE vetting treatment to kick those heartworms to the curb. It was no easy task on anyone's part, particularly Sebring's. He was placed on antibiotics prior to the treatment, and then had to receive three injections of poison into his spinal area to kill the worms. He had to be kept calm the entire month of his treatment with leash walks only.We placed him on a high quality food to help his immune system.

The total cost of Sebring's vetting alone was $1,098.- which didn't include his food, treats, and bones to keep him quiet that entire month.


Sebring has been given a clean bill of health. Just look at him glow now! We'd like to think that Sebring was worth every penny, and we hope you think so, too.


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