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Meet Foxy -- a loving, playful and energetic Blue Heeler.

Approximately 2 years old, she is housebroken, crate trained and weighs 35 pounds. She has never had an accident in her foster home, and confidently can be left at home during a normal workday. 

Foxy is a sweetheart that loves to snuggle on the couch. Also high on her list is playing catch. She will impress you with her acrobatic skills, especially if you have a Frisbee nearby.

She is looking for a forever home where she'll get lots of attention and affection. She gets along with children just fine; she has been around a toddler and a newborn since being in foster care. Foxy does not play nice with other dogs and wants to chase cats, so a home as the lone animal is what she really needs to feel safe.

Being outside makes Foxy happy. She will need a home with a fully fenced yard because she loves to run. City living is not for Foxy -- traffic makes her anxious, as does riding in a car. A home in the suburbs or country would be the best fit for Foxy. Her ideal owner/family would be one with experience with Australian Cattle Dogs or other herding/working breeds.

Foxy is loyal, protective and alert. She embodies the Blue Heeler breed to a "T." She is an intelligent girl and she will make up her own rules if you don't give her any. She will follow her owner everywhere and inquire as to how she can help with any task or project. She is very treat-driven, which means training this smart cookie can be fun and prove to be fruitful. She loves all toys and bones are always a bonus.

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